Window cleaning

Residential Window Cleaning Window cleaning is about keeping your home looking its best. Let us do the hard work that you hate and then step back and enjoy the good feeling we all get from absolutely sparkling clean windows. Contact us and our team will come at your earlier convenience. Feng Shui and clean Windows The ancient philosophy of Feng Shui is centered on the atmosphere of the home remaining bright with sun during the day to allow good energy to enter the home and to keep the curtains drawn tight at night so that the darkness, or bad energy, can not enter the home. Good energy is thought to bring with it healing and health both spiritual and physical. In Feng Shui if sickness is present in the home then the home must be cleansed of the bad energy and flooded with good energy. This may also be one of the reasons even people who know nothing of the beliefs of Feng Shui stress the importance of having a thorough spring cleaning done after a long winter of coughs and colds. Clean windows let the light shine into the home.