Floor cleaning

Tile and grout

It covers many different surfaces in your home, from the bathroom floors and shower, to the kitchen floor and entry way. The tile and grout in each of these areas becomes dirty from a variety of sources. In the bathroom, it’s mildew caused by moisture in the air, the kitchen and entry way become dirty from grease caused mainly by food spills

We can offer tile and grout cleaning for all these areas. Manufacturers of tile and grout recommend that it should be cleaned and sealed every 2-3 years. Instead of getting on your hands and knees to clean the floor, let us do it for you.

In order to properly clean the tile and grout we first apply a cleaning solution that breaks up the dirt stuck deep in the grout. Next, we scrub the floor, paying special attention to the grout lines and the extra tough spots. After we go, you can stand on your absolute clean floor and enjoy the results.

Marble, granite and limestone

We specialize in the cleaning, polishing and restoration of natural stone surfaces such as marble, granite and limestone

If your marble, granite or limestone floor is looking old and tired, it may not be necessary to go through the procedure of replacing it.

We know how much you value your stone surfaces and the enduring beauty they bring to your home or business. We take our time in asking and answering questions about your current situation in order to prepare a plan of action and present you with cost and time saving options in regards to the cleaning, repair, polishing of your marble, granite and limestone surface.

Because natural stone such as marble, granite and limestone presents it self as material of beauty and elegance; versatile enough to be used on floors, walls, countertops and even in showers, it is being used in homes and business.

We can help you preserve the integrity and beauty of all your natural stone surfaces. We use time proven methods and that is the crystallization with diamond pads and that cleans and brings back all the shine and beauty of the natural stone.